I wish to thank David and Helen Park for taking such excellent care of my vehicles for three full years. I am a member of the US Air Force, and in June 2013, I was assigned to a three-year tour overseas. At that time, I was unable to ship or store my two vehicles under a government contract. I found Atlantic Auto Storage in the Yellow Pages. David Park personally picked up my truck and hauled it to his storage facility. He then picked up my other vehicle at Dulles International Airport when my family and I departed for Germany. For three years, David and Helen tended to my vehicles, replacing a battery in one of them, and conducting basic maintenance, as needed. Upon my return to the United States, David delivered my vehicle back to Dulles International Airport, and it was there upon my arrival. He also delivered my truck to Richmond International Airport, thus saving me a trip across Virginia to retrieve my vehicle. While my car was in storage, David and Helen provided a bulk discount on the storage costs of two vehicles. I can’t thank David and Helen enough for their excellent service and I highly recommend Atlantic Auto Storage to anyone in a similar situation as mine.

Lt Col Anthony Anaya, USAF, July 14, 2016

Atlantic Auto Storage, I would like to take the time to say thank you not only for taking care of my car but also working with me when the vehicle shipping company proved unreliable. When I picked up my car and drove from Lynchburg, VA to Las Vegas, NV I had ZERO issues with car. This, after over three years of storage. The work you provided and great care you took proved true. I'd also like to say thanks to David for checking on my progress as well.

Thanks, Michael Ramirez, Nellis AFB, PR Division,

My husband and I would like to thank the wonderful staff of Atlantic Auto Storage for the efficient and friendly service over the past two years. We are currently working for the Department of the Army as civilians in Camp Zama, Japan; we have no idea what we would do with out the superior service provided by Atlantic Auto Storage staff.

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My husband is a DoD employee and we have served overseas several times. For the last 3 years, we have been stationed in the Middle East, and we stored our brand new van with David at Atlantic Auto Storage. I was very concerned about storing the van because it was new. I no longer worry about it at all. The van has been kept in pristine condition. David has also picked up and dropped off the van for me at various hotels in the D.C. area, as well as Dulles Airport. I contact him with my flight information, and he makes sure the van is waiting for me at the airport. All I have to do is go to the parking lot with my spare set of keys, load up, and go. He has always been prompt and reliable.

David starts the van and moves it to keep the tires even and the engine in running order. The cost is very reasonable for the services that he offers. It gives me peace of mind to know that he is taking such good care of my van and that it will be waiting for me in excellent condition when I return. David is very good about returning e-mails and answering questions quickly and completely.

We have been extremely happy with the services of Atlantic Auto Storage and have recommended them to others in need of these services. I hope that you will decide to use them during your upcoming overseas assignment. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have and good luck with your move!

Kristen Wright, dprite@hotmail.com