I wish to thank David and Helen Park for taking such excellent care of my vehicles for three full years. I am a member of the US Air Force, and in June 2013, I was assigned to a three-year tour overseas. At that time, I was unable to ship or store my two vehicles under a government contract. I found Atlantic Auto Storage in the Yellow Pages. David Park personally picked up my truck and hauled it to his storage facility. He then picked up my other vehicle at Dulles International Airport when my family and I departed for Germany. For three years, David and Helen tended to my vehicles, replacing a battery in one of them, and conducting basic maintenance, as needed. Upon my return to the United States, David delivered my vehicle back to Dulles International Airport, and it was there upon my arrival. He also delivered my truck to Richmond International Airport, thus saving me a trip across Virginia to retrieve my vehicle. While my car was in storage, David and Helen provided a bulk discount on the storage costs of two vehicles. I can’t thank David and Helen enough for their excellent service and I highly recommend Atlantic Auto Storage to anyone in a similar situation as mine.

Lt Col Anthony Anaya, USAF, July 14, 2016