I would like to put your mind at ease regarding Atlantic Auto Storage.

My wife is ex US Government from Afghanistan, was the US AID Adviser to the Command Generals ISAF and State Department in Bamiyan 2005-2009. She is currently posted to Cambodia for another couple of years.We have stored out Jeep Wrangler with Atlantic Auto Storage, for the last 18 months and have found their services to be exemplary. We have returned to the USA twice in that time and found David and Helen have gone beyond the call of duty to ensure both times that our car is available for us to use whilst we are home for the few weeks we are here.

Their storage unit is under cover and they ensure your vehicle is looked after. Plus the billing system via the internet is so simple. If you do return to the US at any stage, all you do is send an email with plenty of warning, David will park your vehicle in the Blue Zone long term car park and will text you its location to your phone. On depart you do the reverse and he will uplift it and return it to the storage unit notifying you of the pickup often with a photo of your vehicle on the trailer being transported to the storage unit.

Point to note, make sure you have a spare vehicle key with you and a set is with Atlantic Auto Storage, this you send to them prior to your departure and will always ensure you do not have to worry about retrieval of vehicle keys between parties.

We can not be more highly supportive of Atlantic Auto Storage services, like you we found them via the web and as we stated you will not be sorry you used their services.

Eddie Karauria, eddiekarauria@ymail.com