Access your files with ShareFile

After your car is checked in we create a folder for your documents in our ShareFile account. You will receive a login once the check in process is complete. You may change this login at any time. If you forget your login you can click reset password and a link to reset your password will be e-mailed to you. Read on below for more information about ShareFile and what is stored in your folder.

What is ShareFile?
ShareFile is a secure cloud-based file sharing and storage service with over 7 million users.

Can I pay my invoices on ShareFile?
No, your ShareFile account is for document storage and sharing files. The URL for paying your emailed invoices online is on the email.

What is stored in my ShareFile Folder?

CHECK-IN FILES & PAID INVOICES: You will find your paid invoices for reimbursement or record keeping purposes, your original check-in documents such as your contract and vehicle condition report.

BLANK CREDIT CARD AUTHORIZATION FORMS: You'll also find blank credit card authorization forms needed for utilizing our quarterly autopay service or to update your credit card on file. This is a pdf form you can fill in on your computer and re-upload to your ShareFile account securely where it can be retrieved by us securely.

HOW TO ARRANGE VEHICLE DELIVERY OR PICK IT UP AT THE WAREHOUSE: You can also find our document on how to request delivery of your car when you're coming back home or planning to take your car out of storage.

FINAL STATEMENT OF ACCOUNT ACTIVITY: Finally, once you have paid your final invoice you will have access to a final account statement which shows all charges and amounts paid while your car was in storage, again, you may need this for reimbursement. If you had any work done on your car such as an oil change, Virginia inspection, or a new battery, the receipts will be saved here for your records, especially important for batteries in case of any future warranty issues.

AVAILABLE FOR 30 DAYS AFTER YOUR CAR LEAVES STORAGE: Once you car is delivered back to you these documents will be available for 30 days and then deleted.

Your information is secured by ShareFile Secure File Transfer using 128-bit encryption and real-time backup to protect your valuable data.

ShareFile Account Login


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