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Our Car Storage Location and Services

Our facility serves Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Washington, DC., and portions of North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and W.Virginia. For car storage in the western US contact our affiliate Colorado Auto Storage.

Atlantic Auto Storage provides long-term (4 month minimum), inside, car storage. Our customers are military personnel, state department personnel, embassy staff, World Bank employees, and classic car owners, just to name a few. Even if you are not in our service areas but want to store your car with us you can contract with an auto transport company to bring your car to us.

Our inside, secure car storage Virginia warehouse is located in central Virginia in the small town of ARRINGTON (NOT Arlington) in Nelson County, famous as the home of "Walton's Mountain"  from the television show. With only one stoplight in the whole county there are more wineries and breweries than stop lights. Car storage like eggs, is cheaper in the country. If you feel like a little drive in the country you can also bring your car to us. Our customers largely come from Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Washington, DC., and portions of West Virginia, Pennsylvania & North Carolina. Customers in these areas can have their car picked up for storage and delivered back when storage is no longer required.

Our spacious warehouse affords your car protected  storage, safe from rain, snow, hail, ice, sun, theft or tampering, bird flyovers, or other potential damage. We'll keep your car safe and in running condition for the winter, or while you're overseas. Whether you just need more space in your own garage, or you need someone to look after your automobile long-term until you return from assignment. Our warehouse security camera system lets us know via e-mail if anything is amiss during hours when we're not there.

Many of our customers utilize our airport pick-up and drop-off service, most commonly from Dulles or Reagan airports.

How We Store Your Car

Cars are stored locked and indoors in our secure warehouse and are kept in running condition. Every thirty days fluid levels are checked and your car is started and run for at least 15 minutes. During this time all doors will be opened and the car is given a chance to “air out”, this lessens the likelihood of the car having a musty “been in storage“ odor at the end of the storage period. The car is moved within the warehouse to lessen the possibility that the tires will develop “flat spots”, and to help keep seals moist and the bearings and gears lubricated. While the car is running the air conditioner and the heater are turned on. If at any time car will not start or has other problems, you will be notified. Before we deliver your car back to you we will make sure it's freshly washed.

What We Do When We Accept your Car for Storage

  • Inspect the car inside and out noting any imperfections.
  • Make a copy of your proof of ownership (copy of title and/or registration).
  • Make a copy of your ID.

3 Ways To Get Your Car in Storage with Atlantic Auto Storage

  • We'll pick it up if you're in our service area. Send a Car Storage Request.
  • Deliver it yourself to our warehouse. You'll need an appointment so send in the Car Storage Request with the date you want to bring your car and we'll send you directions.
    Note: We're in ARRINGTON, not Arlington, Virginia.
  • Contract with a car transport truck to bring your car(s) to us. Fill out the Car Storage Request form and let us know when to expect delivery.

Extra Services Menu

Fender Bender?

Have you had a fender bender you've been meaning to have fixed? We have a local body shop that does show quality work at a reasonable price. They can do anything from fixing a fender bender to a complete paint job.

Cracked Windshield?

We have an expert auto glass guy!

Tires, Front End Alignment, Tune Up, AC Work, etc.

We have Front Street Garage in Lovingston. Front Street can fix anything.

Spare Key.

We can get the spare key made!

When your car is picked up for storage please let us know what you would like done to the car and we will get a free, no-obligation estimate.
Oil & Filter Change.

Before your car comes out of storage and is delivered back to you, request an oil and filter change. We do not charge any markup on parts so you pay only actual cost, a receipt is provided. Labor charge: $25.00.

Battery Replacement.

Storage is hard on your battery and it may not come back to full strength after prolonged storage. Most newer vehicles have programs running constantly in the background which runs the battery down quickly. Again, we do not charge any markup on parts so you pay only actual cost, a receipt is provided. Labor charge: $25.00.

Virginia Inspection.

Dead inspection sticker? We can have your car inspected and have those stickers conveniently updated. Inspections are $16.00. Labor charge: $25.00.

Detailing Before Delivery.

Depends on vehicle. Please call or e-mail for a quote.

Emissions Testing

We are unable to have your car emissions tested because we do not have emissions testing requirements in Nelson County so there are no facilities available.