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Monthly Storage Rates

Storage rates are $150/month, paid quarterly in advance with a 4 month minimum. Invoices are mailed to you or your agent quarterly on January 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1 and are payable upon receipt. MC, Visa, Discover, AMEX are accepted. For your convenience we can set up automatic quarterly credit card billing upon request. Your storage rate is guaranteed for one year from date of pick-up. Before the car is delivered at the end of a storage period, any balance due must be paid in guaranteed funds (cash, certified check, money order, credit card, etc) at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled delivery date.

Pick up charge and first quarter car storage charges are due when auto is picked up. A pro-rated daily rate is used to calculate first and last quarter storage charge. All prepaid unused storage fees paid are fully refundable on a prorated daily basis.

A $15.00 late fee will be applied to any account over 30 days past due and an additional late fee of $15.00 be applied if the invoice remains unpaid after 60 days. $50 charge for all returned checks.

Multi Vehicle Discounts

Have more than one vehicle to put in storage? Rates are discounted 10% for additional vehicles to $135/month. No discounts on pick-up or delivery.

Pick-up & Delivery Fees

Rates for pick-up and delivery is $1.35 per loaded mile with a $50 minimum, plus tolls. 7 days notice requested for pick-up or delivery. Calculate the pick-up or delivery charges by entering your pick-up or delivery zip code and our zip code of 22922 on Google Maps. A $50 check-in fee is charged if you deliver the car or have the car delivered.

An appointment is required to pick-up or deliver a car to our warehouse.

Extra Services Menu


Oil & Filter Change.

Before your car comes out of storage and is delivered back to you, request an oil and filter change. We do not charge any markup on parts so you pay only actual cost, a receipt is provided. Labor charge: $25.00.

Battery Replacement.

Storage is hard on your battery and it may not come back to full strength after prolonged storage. Most newer vehicles have programs running constantly in the background which runs the battery down quickly. Again, we do not charge any markup on parts so you pay only actual cost, a receipt is provided. Labor charge: $25.00.

Virginia Inspection.

Dead inspection sticker? We can have your car inspected and have those stickers conveniently updated. Inspections are $16.00. Labor charge: $25.00.