Atlantic Auto Storage carries a general liability policy. We highly recommend that you keep your own comprehensive policy in effect. When you store your vehicle for 30 days or more, most insurance companies will reduce your insurance coverage and this can save you money. GEICO for example offers a Storage Plan for military personnel being deployed overseas. You will need to tell your insurance company where your vehicle is being stored and the odometer reading at the time of pick-up for storage.

In the Military? offers this advice:

"If you are being deployed, don't cancel your insurance. For instance, some deployed service members put their cars in storage and cancel their auto insurance. This is a bad move for a number of reasons. First, if something happens to the car in storage, they have no coverage. Second, a lapse in insurance coverage will cause some insurance companies to deny them insurance when they return. Insurers that work with the military all the time will give you information on how to save money on your insurance when you're deployed, while making sure you're covered if something goes wrong when the car is in storage."

Want another quote for comprehensive coverage while your vehicle is stored? We highly recommend our Bankers Insurance agent David Merriman.